Paper Submission towards Symposium/OS/Regular Session

Guide for Paper Submission

Paper submission for all symposiums, regular sessions, and organized sessions in JSST2023 will be made through the online submission system “EasyChair”. Manuscript should be prepared in PDF format. Please refer to “Important Dates” for submission deadlines. The copyright of your submitted manuscript will be automatically transferred to JSST according to the copyright transfer policy below. If you agree to the copyright transfer, please access the following link and submit your manuscript via “EasyChair”.

Copyright Transfer

All copyrights of the submitted manuscript, including rights for publishing in any media, are transferred to the JSST.
However, the authors retain the following rights:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyrights
  2. Re-use of all or part of the above manuscript in their work.
  3. Reproduction of the submitted manuscript for author’s personal use or for company/institution use provided that
    1. the permission of the JSST is obtained prior to reproduction,
    2. the source and JSST copyright notice are indicated, and
    3. the copies are not offered for sale.
  4. The consent of the author (or one of the authors) be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.

Manuscript Format

Manuscript should be at least 2 pages in length (A4 size) and should not exceed 4 pages. Please use the following “Paper Format Template” and prepare your manuscript as a PDF file.

<Download Paper Format Templates>

Special Issues

Authors of selected papers accepted and presented at the conference will be invited to submit the extended version of paper in the special issues of Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering (JASSE).