JSST 2021 学生セッション(日本語・英語-混在セッション)のご案内

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This session aims to provide many students with a chance to introduce their research contents and to have a deep discussion with the audience regardless of speaking language English / Japanese.

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Who can apply for this session?
This session is widely opened for any student.
The online conference system “Remo” will be used for online poster presentations to avoid the infection risk of COVID-19 . The guidelines in the poster presentation will be announced later. Papers as well as poster presentations can be prepared in either English or Japanese.
Please send your manuscript to the following e-mail address. The title of the e-mail must be “Application for Student Session JSST2021”.
Manuscripts accept from 2 page to 4 pages (standard: 2 pages) of an A4-sized PDF file with the following Paper Format Templates. If you prepare your paper in Japanese, embed fonts in the PDF file.
論文を以下のアドレスにお送りください。メールのタイトルは、「Application for Student Session JSST2021 」としてください。
Deadline for Paper Submission
June 7, 2021   →   June 21, 2021   →   June 24, 2021
Deadline for Submission of Final Paper
July 19, 2021   →   August 2, 2021
 2021年6月7日  →  2021年6月21日  →  2021年6月24日
2021年7月19日   →   2021年8月2日

Student shotgun Session(9/2 15:15~)

Before the poster session for student (9/2 16:30), the one-minute shotgun session (pre-poster session) will be held in Hall A(Zoom). The stating time of this session is 15:15. Please enter Hall A (zoom) by 15:00, we will have an orientation for a shotgun session from 15:00. The presentation time is one minute, and changing time is 20 seconds. Please prepare one slide presentation file for a shotgun session. The presentation file will be displayed by the staff of student session. It is noted that you cannot explain using the mouse pointer. Presentation language of shotgun session is English or Japanese.
Please send the presentation file for shotgun session by 8/31. It is noted that the file type is only PDF. Please send both shotgun and poster presentation files by E-mail to the following address;

The title of E-mail should be “Submission of presentation files for JSST2021 student session (Poster number: P **)”.

  ポスター発表(9/2 16:30~)の前に、1分間のショットガンセッション(プレポスター)をHall A(Zoom)で行っていただきます。開始時間は15:15からですが、発表者の方は、事前説明等を行いますので、15分前の15:00にHall A(Zoom)にご入室ください。発表時間1分、交代時間は20秒とします。発表資料はスライド1枚で準備をしてください。当日の資料の表示は事務局側で実施します。マウスポインタなどを用いた説明ができませんのでご注意ください。日本語と英語のどちらでご発表いただいてもかまいません。

送付のタイトルは「Submission of presentation files for JSST2021 student session(Poster number: P**)」にしてください。

Student Poster Session(9/2 16:30~)

The whiteboard system of online conference system “Remo” will be used for student poster presentations. Please prepare your poster with PDF or PNG file format within 50 MB. The recommended poster resolution is more than 3179 x 2245 pixels or 2245 x 3179 pixels. Please send the presentation file for student session by 8/31. Please send both shotgun and poster presentation files by E-mail to the following address;

The title of E-mail should be “Submission of presentation files for JSST2021 student session (Poster number: P **)”.

Supplementary materials about the Remo system
・Guide on how to use Remo (EnglishJapanese)
Correspondence table between Table No. and Paper No.
Test page for Remo system

学生セッションの発表はremoのホワイトボード機能を使用して実施します。ポスターのサイズは任意としますが、1つの画像ファイル(PDFやPNGなど)にまとめるようにしてください。ポスターファイルの解像度は3179 x 2245 pixels以上、 もしくは 2245 x 3179 pixelsをお勧めします。学生セッションの発表資料は8/31までに、ショットガンセッションのファイルとともに以下のアドレスまでメールにて送付してください。送付のタイトルは

「Submission of presentation files for JSST2021 student session(Poster number: P**)」にしてください。


Student Poster Presentation Award

Student session prepares “Student Poster Presentation Award” for excellent presentations.

学生セッションでは、優秀な研究発表をしてくださった講演者に「Student Poster Presentation Award」を授与いたします。

Copyright Transfer

All copyrights of the submitted manuscript, including rights for publishing in any media, are transferred to the JSST.
However, the authors retain the following rights:
1. All proprietary rights other than copyrights
2. Re-use of all or part of the above manuscript in their work.
3. Reproduction of the submitted manuscript for author’s personal use or for company/institution use provided that
(a)the permission of the JSST is obtained prior to reproduction,
(b)the source and JSST copyright notice are indicated, and
(c)the copies are not offered for sale.
4. The consent of the author (or one of the authors) be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.