Presentation Information

Any author presenting at JSST2021 must be a registered participant of the Conference. Authors are asked to carefully review the presentation guidelines provided below.

Presentations in Organized/Regular Sessions and Symposiums

  • All presentations must be explained in English.
  • The oral presentation will be delivered in multiple formats, the on-site format and the online format. Participants will be able to attend by using the web meeting system “Zoom.” Guidelines and connection information of Zoom will be announced later. In the oral presentation at the venue, use of the dedicated laptop PC is strongly recommended. If presenters use own laptop PC at the venue, presenters are required to install Zoom into own PC before giving own presentation.
  • Although the projectors used in the session rooms may have multiple input capabilities such as VGA and HDMI, only standard types of VGA and HDMI cables are available in the session rooms. So, presenters should also bring their own adapters for their presentation devices if necessary.
  • Laser pointers are prepared in all the session rooms.
  • In the oral presentation at the venue, it is highly recommended for presenters to show up in the session room about 10 minutes before the session starts. They had better test the connection of their device with the projector in the session room. While, oral presenters through Zoom are recommended to connect Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the session starts.
  • The duration of a presentation is 60 minutes for Plenary Talks, 30 minutes for Invited/Tutorial Talks, 20 minutes for the presentations in Regular/Organized Sessions. For all presentations, the duration includes the time for presentation and discussions.

Presentations in Student Session

In this link, the presentation guideline is explained not only in English but also in Japanese.