Instruction in English

[Device (please prepare by yourself)]

・Zoom and Remo are available for Windows, Mac, Android (smartphones, tablets, etc.), and iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.). Zoom can be used in a web browser without installing an app on the computer.

・We recommend that you use a device with both a camera and a microphone to use Zoom and Remo.

・For more information on how to use Remo, please visit the student session websites below.

[Preparing to enter Zoom]

・ You can enter Zoom by clicking on the “Zoom” link for each session on the following website. The site will be password protected. The password will be sent to registered participants a few days before the start of the conference.

・When you enter Zoom, please set your participant name to include your name and affiliation.

ex. : Taro Yamada(***** University)

・When you enter Zoom, please set the audio to mute and the video to off.

・Chairpersons and presenters are requested to enter Zoom 15 minutes before the session starts.

・Presenters are requested to indicate the name of the participant as follows:

    ex.  [speaker] Taro Yamada( *** University)


・General oral presentations will be 20 minutes each including Q&A.

・Plenary, Invited and Tutorial talks in the symposiums will be 1 hour or 30 minutes including Q&A.

[Question and Answer]

・If you have any questions or comments, (1) please press the “raise your hand” button on the Zoom function. (2) The chairperson will choose a questioner from among those who press the button. (3) The selected person should turn on their own microphone and video to speak. Please refrain from speaking or sharing materials without permission of the chairperson.

[Notes for online participation]

・Saving (including screen captures), recording, or redistribution of received images or presentation materials is prohibited. If necessary, please obtain permission from all parties including the presenter and organizer in advance. The copyright of the proceedings belongs to the Simulation Society of Japan.